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QuadPackaging Leverages Epicor AVP to Drive Innovative Business Model to Help Support Private Label Supply Chain

AUSTIN, Texas, January 19, 2017

Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, today announced QuadPackaging, backed by Quad/Graphics, is leveraging Epicor AVP to help clients’ brands get to the retail market.

Headquartered just outside of Milwaukee, Wisc., QuadPackaging is one of the world’s largest providers of print and marketing services and provides innovative packaging solutions to brand owners, manufacturers and retailers alike for the healthcare, food & beverage, consumer products, tobacco and apparel industries. Offering collaborative start-to-finish supply chain solutions including current process audit and cost analysis and rigorous ISO, GMP, AIBI, and SQF certifications, customers worldwide trust QuadPackaging with their brand and packaging needs.

The company works with many different market verticals, including those who produce for consumer brands and private label brands. Packaging is a quintessential consideration in getting a private label brand to market on time and at the correct inventory levels. One look at the local supermarket aisle will demonstrate the importance of labelling and packaging – where packaging featuring highly detailed artwork competes for shelf space and consumer attention.

Packaging can be so cost-prohibitive it can keep smaller brands from ever hitting the shelf. To keep the supply chain flowing to the general public, QuadPackaging has put in place Epicor AVP to maintain operational efficiencies high and costs low, and support a unique business model where it offers customers the opportunity to combine orders to become one larger order to gain cost savings through greater economies of scale, while not sacrificing traceability and quality.

“Epicor AVP is designed to support accuracy, flexibility, efficiency and profitability in folding carton, rigid box and label estimating,” said Colin Walterson, product manager, Epicor printing and packaging, Epicor Software. “Epicor AVP handles everything from estimating and quoting through to handling of raw materials, production and invoicing. It also has a scheduling feature that reveals capacity. This visibility at each step in the process enables QuadPackaging to understand demand, open production windows and helps enable the company to offer the ability to more effectively business together to pass along discounts.” 

“Epicor AVP is a key enabler to support our desire to go above and beyond to accommodate our customers’ needs,” said Paul Nowak, director of Customer Experience, QuadPackaging. “What’s more, Epicor AVP has also factored prominently in helping support QuadPackaging’s growth as it has expanded packaging and supply chain capabilities, capacity and its global footprint through a series of strategic acquisitions over the past five years. 

“We have four production facilities with a wide variety of presses and print and packaging modalities, and we needed a singular technology platform to support our business and shared service model. Epicor AVP has done that for us, supporting our long-term vision,” said Nowak. 

The software is easy to use and enables exceptional access to information anytime, anywhere, according to Ed Godin, director of business solutions, QuadPackaging. “It has proved to be a highly valued asset for everyone throughout the company from IT to our plants’ users,” he said. “We find the extensive out-of-the-box reporting capabilities very helpful in managing the business.” Epicor AVP dashboards and mobile access support even greater operational visibility, said Godin. “We have built dashboards to provide improved access to vital information and users are alerted to anything that is out of range or of note via their mobile devices. Epicor provides regular software enhancements, which go a long way in extending our investment in Epicor AVP.”

About Epicor AVP

Epicor AVP product packaging software is designed specifically for manufacturers of CPG product packaging. As a retail or consumer packaging manufacturer, you can achieve absolute accuracy and flexibility in folding carton, flexible packaging, rigid box and label estimating with Epicor AVP software. As a packaging manufacturer, whether your biggest challenge is protecting margins or diversifying your products, our packaging software system has got you covered. For more information, please visit the Epicor AVP solution hub.

About Epicor Software Corporation

Epicor Software Corporation drives business growth. We provide flexible, industry-specific software designed around the needs of our manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service industry customers. More than 40 years of experience with our customers’ unique business processes and operational requirements are built into every solution―in the cloud or on premises. With this deep understanding of your industry, Epicor solutions manage complexity, increase efficiency, and free up resources so you can focus on growth. For more information, connect with Epicor or visit www.epicor.com.

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Epicor AVP has factored prominently in QuadPackaging’s growth … we needed a singular technology platform to support our business and shared service model and Epicor AVP has done that for us, supporting our long-term vision.

Paul Nowak

Director of Customer Experience