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Alamo Ace Hardware and Garden Center
Moving from ECi RockSolid POS® to Epicor Eagle N Series software improves business management
Metal-Tech Partners

"Security, reliability, functionality, and cost were our prime concerns. Epicor met all these criteria."

Caleb Wolf, IT and Plant Manager, Metal-Tech Partners


“LumberTrack software has unified the way we do things. All the sales orders across the company are entered the same way, the invoicing is done the same way, and we pay vendors the same way companywide.”

Mark Bettencourt, Finishing Superintendent of the Hammond Cedar Division | Interfor

Coast Builders RONA

"We've increased market share and improved profitability with Epicor Eagle, while also increasing last year's bottom line by $100,000."

Russ Jones, Owner | RONA at Sunshine Coast

Applied Composites Engineering

“Epicor is so intertwined to everything we do that I’m not sure we could function without the system. The solution is the foundation of our day-to-day operations, providing the details needed to be more innovative and better coordinate with the market.” 

Matt Curts, Vice-president, Finance | Applied Composites Engineering

Big R Holdings

"Epicor solutions are phenomenal. They assist us with our business improvement and growth goals." 

Adam Carroll, Vice President | Big R Holdings

Southern Leather Company

 “Prophet 21 has advanced our company on so many different levels. We can set up pricing for big volume customers in a way that wasn’t possible before. Year-end processes took more than two months of intensive work by multiple people. We currently complete the same task in under a month with less staff.”

Cindy Loewenberg | Southern Leather Company

Carr Sales Company

“We’ve used Eclipse software to explore sales growth opportunities with prime customers, identify product line additions that resonated extremely well with clients based on prior purchases, and just generally improve operations through technical and operational efficiencies.”

Bruce Cudmore, purchasing and IT manager, Carr Sales Company

Moffatt & Powell RONA

“We added another branch, and we didn’t add any head office support. BisTrack software helps us work so efficiently that we simply absorbed that work.”

D’Arcy Quinn, Vice President | Moffatt & Powell RONA

Munch’s Supply

"As we grow, we know we’ll never have to worry about support. Eclipse has given us the confidence to transition any opportunity smoothly. They’ve been a great, reliable partner for 20 years and solidly entrenched in everything we do.

Bob Munch, Chief Executive Officer | Munch's Supply