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Burton Lumber

"We use BisTrack software soup to nuts on everything—from financials through to EDI—it’s the core of our business.”

Mark Burton, Director of Operations | Burton Lumber

Atlanta Light Bulbs


“Our growth strategy really entails using technology to win. For us, being a small company, we have to use our resources to the max. With Prophet 21, we can now open up our customer database, use the CRM module, and be able to really drive growth by expanding on our customer relationships and making sure we’re giving the finest customer service, because that’s what we think drives growth in our business."

Doug Root, President  | Atlanta Light Bulbs

Transply, Inc.


“Our customer service has been able to grow because we now have live data to work with. Our sales people can find the orders, they can process the orders themselves, they can check on the orders, and they can expedite the orders quickly. We could not do that in the past. When a delivery is made, we capture the signature so we don’t have to go back and hunt through paperwork. Our employees can sit at their desks and do their work.”

Monatto Smith, Vice President of Sales |  Transply, Inc

Mar-Span Home Hardware Building Centre
“The Eagle solution has definitely decreased the workload and allowed us to do more per person. Eagle basically does everything by itself, which makes my job a lot easier."
Dennis Diefenbacher, accounting and IT | Mar-Span Home Hardware Building Centre  
McLendon Hardware Inc.

"The rich analytics in Eagle N Series software has helped us solve problems and make decisions from day one.” 

Nathaniel Polky, Information Technology Manager | McLendon Hardware

Liberty Firearms Institute

"No matter what happens, whether we have a catastrophic event or a minor outage, with FFL Compliance Manager we will be able to collect all the ATF-required FFL information needed quickly and efficiently.”

Heather Rubel, Store Manager | Liberty Firearms Institute

CHS Mountain West Co-op

"In one of our locations we saw an $80,000 increase in margin alone with the implementation of Epicor solutions, all because we have reliable information to see where to make modifications within the business."

Logan Braaten, Controller | CHS Mountain West Co-op

SKF Automotive Bearings Co. Ltd.
SKF Automotive Bearings Co. Ltd. - building an ERP system to support growth in the Chinese automotive market
Kiilto Family Oy
Multi-national company Kiilto combines Epicor ERP and iScala to streamline business processes
RiverSide Electronics

“The Epicor ERP system helped us better manage the purchase and inventory of thousands of parts, while increasing the efficiencies of hundreds of assemblies by providing updated information the moment it happens. The other system was only accurate a few minutes of the day. The Epicor system recalculates the status of virtually any procedure at any given moment.”

Corey Beech, General Manager | RiverSide Electronics