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  • Epicor Helps Hundreds of Garden Centers Grow

    POS Software for Garden Centers

    Epicor Eagle N Series software helps lawn and garden businesses thrive amidst the challenges of a concentrated selling season, customers being lured away by big-box stores, and constant margin pressures. Focus on your business and drive superior customer service, while your technology works with you seamlessly.

    • Understand the keys to business growth—who your best customers are (and how to keep them coming back), how shopping patterns are shifting in your region, and how pricing impacts loyalty
    • Deliver exceptional customer experiences at checkout and beyond with advanced POS and mobile technology
    • Maximize margins by analyzing buying patterns to better inform merchandising, promotions, and bundling
    • Cut inventory costs without sacrificing revenue or loyalty by accurately forecasting demand and performing inventory tasks more efficiently
    • Improve overall business performance by making fast, informed decisions using intuitive on-screen analytics

    40+ Years Experience Developing Software to Help Nurseries Flourish

    Expertise and built-in industry best practices to improve efficiencies and drive growth across your lawn and garden nurseries

    Eagle N Series Virtual Tour

    Eagle N Series Virtual Tour

    Explore how Eagle N Series enhances retail business performance.

    Download Epicor for Lawn and Garden

    Epicor for Lawn and Garden

    Increase profitability, optimize inventory for your busiest seasons, and keep customers coming back.

    Download Growing Customer Loyalty by profitability expert Ian Baldwin

    Growing Customer Loyalty by Ian Baldwin

    Get expert customer engagement advice and create an experiential lawn and garden center.

    Epicor Eagle N Series—a Leading End-To-End Business Solution for Lawn and Garden Nurseries

    A fully integrated retail POS system to drive growth, profitability, and customer loyalty

    Integrated Retail POS

    Optimize your business—from customer orders and POS, to inventory management, financials, mobile, and online capabilities.

    Managing Your Margins

    Learn a measurable way to set optimal prices that enables revenue growth, maintains profits, and keeps customers coming back.

    Retail Workforce Management

    A cloud-based solution that allows you to forecast staffing needs and manage staff scheduling easily and more accurately.

    Retailers in More Than 7,200 Locations Rely on Eagle to Help Drive Their Business Forward

    Epicor and Armstrong Garden Centers Case Study
    Epicor and Armstrong Garden Centers

    Discover how Armstrong Garden Centers reduced inventory by 10%, boosted margins and better managed seasonal inventory.

    Epicor and Wannemaker’s Home and Garden Case Study
    Epicor and Wannemaker’s Home and Garden

    With Home Depot down the road, Wannemaker’s is driving success with an 8% increase in margins, a 1-point increase in inventory turns and loyal customers.

    Epicor and Hillermann Nursery and Florist Case Study
    Epicor and Hillermann Nursery and Florist

    See how Hillermann Nursery and Florist is making better staffing and purchasing decisions, resulting in lower costs.

  • Retail Blog

    • 7 Ways to Grow with Your POS System
      As a retailer your main goal is to make your business grow, right? Well as you know there are several ways to achieve this from serving your customers well, operating smoothly and efficiently, to maximizing profits and margins. But it all really boils down to technology. How can you serve your customers better if you don't have the right technology or specifically for retailers, you don't have the right POS system. 

    • Q&A: Magnum Shooting Center Targeting Compliance Success

      Recently, Doug Smith, director of product marketing, retail and distribution, and Sam Kirkland, strategic relationship manager at Epicor Software, sat down with Greg Yowell, compliance manager at Magnum Shooting Center for a webinar focused on the new Epicor FFL Compliance Manager™ solution. The Colorado Springs-based business is taking advantage of the easy-to-use bound book management tool that’s seamlessly integrated with the Epicor Eagle N Series retail management system.

    • NRF 2017 Recap: New Technologies Aspire to Take Retail to the Next Level
      NRF's 106th Annual Convention & EXPO was bustling this year. Nearly 35,000 of the retail industry elite gathered in New York City to sit in on hundreds of educational sessions and scan miles of the latest and greatest retail technology solutions from some 4600 vendors on the show floor.  

    • The Connected Retailer: Meeting Customers Where They Want to Be
      Will your next customer find you or find out about you on Twitter? Facebook? Snapchat? Your own website? At your store, can they pay simply by waving their smartphone over your card terminal?

      If you don’t have all the answers to these questions, you’re not alone—but you will need a plan to better connect to today’s consumers. 

    • Epicor Supports Launch of LBM Strategies 2016 Conference

      In this extremely competitive Lumber and Building Material (LBM) industry, there is absolutely no substitute for knowledge and skills. That is why Epicor is sponsoring the launch of LBM Strategies’ 3-day conference that kicks off on September 6 in Charlotte, North Carolina helping to honor the inductees who have been serving their markets for at least a century.

    • Five Mistakes Retailers Make When Selecting a Software Solution
      One of the earliest American businessmen was Benjamin Franklin, who counseled not to fear mistakes. But for retailers selecting their POS software solutions, a prudent course would be to avoid the common ones, or they may find the Benjamins coming in less steadily than they would hope.

    • Sharing Our Story During the Epicor Retail Road Show: How Klem’s Tractor Has Improved Operations
      "Every decision we make in the business is somehow tied to information from the Epicor Eagle system. It’s helping us become more competitive by allowing us to get good information immediately and make better decisions," said Jessica Bettencourt, President of Klem’s Tractor.This has been a true statement for the last 19 years we have operated our business on the Epicor Eagle retail business management system. Recently, I had the chance to share our story to a group of retailers during the inaugural Epicor Retail Road Show event hosted at our business, Klem’s Tractor, in Spencer, Massachusetts.

    • Four Steps to Mastering Inventory

      With inventory being one of a dozen areas to attend to, retailers often have no choice but to spend more time putting out daily "fires" than on refining their inventory mix. What’s more, many are still relying on gut instinct instead of system data to get them through the day, in spite of the time-consuming nature of manual processes.

    • Key Compliance Tips for Those with Federal Firearm Licenses
      The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) is responsible for licensing persons engaged in manufacturing, importing, and dealing in firearms and ensuring that these licensees do so in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. There were more than 139,000 Federal Firearm Licenses (FFLs) in fiscal year 2015. 

    • Connecting with Consumers through e-Storefronts: New Version of Epicor iNet eBusiness Suite Extends Retail Business
      The number of consumers browsing and buying online will hit 270 million by 2020, as stated in a January, 2016 report from Forrester Research, titled "Brief: Digital Touchpoint Investment Significantly Influence US Retail Sales." The report also predicts online sales will grow by an average annual rate of 9.32% over the next five years.

  • Epicor Eagle N Series solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of retailers and are available in the cloud, hosted, or on-premises. Retailers can grow their business, provide an exceptional customer experience, and streamline their operations.

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